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Fireweed, the new ingredient for prostate food supplements

Fireweed, the new ingredient for prostate food supplements

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EPO Srl produces extracts from medicinal plants since 1933, with a particular focus on Quality, Safety and Effectiveness; in this perspective, accurate control of the supply chain and DNA analysis are essential. The first guarantees maximum respect for the plant complex (ie the biologically active part of the plant) and the absence of chemical and microbiological contaminants, while the second certifies the correct botanical species to be used.


EPO and NeoruraleHub works on Epilobium cultivation (Epilobium angustifolium L.), a spontaneous plant of traditional use, from which to obtain a plant extract for food supplements.


The project is developed in the experimental fields of Innovation Center Giulio Natta and involves the Research and Development teams of both companies in order to rationalize the cultivation through green economy principles and human health respect.

Epilobium is traditionally used for prostate disorders,and it can be found in a food supplement for men by EPO called ENOTprost®.

The collaboration with NeoruraleHub allows to cultivate a spontaneous plant, while respecting the environment and human health.

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