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We applied our patented technology in industry

for natural resources savings

Natural resources savings and management
for industrial processes

Meno Energia is the brand for patented technologies and competences applicated to industrial processes.


Daily activity is focused toward the implementation of sustainable development models, not limited only to the natural resources consumption and production, but having a comprehensive approach to improve the efficiency of plants, complex systems and processes in order to limit natural resources consumption as a whole.

In collaboration with R&D department NeoruraleHub can transform industrial waste into energy resources.

Through Meno Energia, NeoruraleHub designs, produces and installs solutions able to deliver relevant savings while protecting the environment, allowing clients to rapidly and risk-free achieve economic benefits of an economical business model built around the principles of efficiency, monitoring, control and optimization, not only of single components and machines but of industrial process and not only, in their entirety.


Artificial Intelligence systems are the state-of-the-art tool to reach maximum efficiency levels.

The brand operates also as a One Stop Shopping partner for its clients, offering the ultimate solution for the resources optimization through consultancy services and the sale of commodities, all in a comprehensive offer. This flexible offer is even extended by the opportunity, for clients, to operate under Performance Contracts, where NeoruraleHub invests in efficient systems at the clients premises and is remunerated by the savings delivered.

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Meno Energia
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