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The new air sanitizer system

A patented system to sanitise air in domestic closed environments, eliminating viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and pathogens through a technology already present in nature: UV rays.

This system can be installed inside the common Air Handling Units (AHU, Rooftop, Air ducts) and combines the germicidal power of titanium photocatalytic UV lamps with a sampling system through which it is possible to analyse the microbiome.


In addition, the system applies environmental sensors and the Adam & Eva artificial intelligence of remote control, which guarantees the maintenance of the right environmental parameters into the AHU, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

The system iUTA is composed by 3 main units:

SANITIZATION UNIT by a Photo-Catalytic Oxidation system

FEEDBACK CONTROL UNIT to maintain optimal thermohygrometric conditions for the sanitization process

DNA/RNA ANALYSIS UNIT to verify the absence of viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and pathogens before and after the air treatment

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